Trainings in Entrepreneurship for Women Start under ILO Project

Trainings in Entrepreneurship for Women Start under ILO Project

Trainings in entrepreneurship for women under the ILO (International Labour Organization) project “More and Better Jobs for Women: Women’s Empowerment through Decent Work in Turkey” aiming to promote women’s employment in Turkey started in February 2017 in pilot project provinces.

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Entrepreneurship training as a component of the project will be supportive of and complementary to the “Action Plan for Women’s Employment”, the first in Turkey, developed with the technical support of ILO, which envisages supporting women’s entrepreneurship as a means to improve women’s access to labour market.

The plan is to deliver trainings in entrepreneurship to 400 potential women entrepreneurs from the project provinces of Bursa, Ankara and Konya, to continue workshops afterwards as a part of trainings, and finally to extend mentoring services of practical content also including experience sharing.


Trainings in entrepreneurship have already been delivered to prospective woman entrepreneurs in Ankara, Konya and Bursa, and presently trainings in the context of mentoring support as the second stage of the training programme continue within the framework of cooperation with Businesswomen and Managers Association in Bursa, and with Chamber of Commerce in Konya and TOBB in Ankara.

Trainings in entrepreneurship and mentoring including workshops cover the following topics: developing business idea and creativity; entrepreneurship; enterprise functions/types/statues; financial and legal responsibilities; concept of business plan (marketing research, marketing plan, production plan, management plan, financial plan); business model; gender; sustainability; and access to funding.

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Under the project carried out by ILO Office in Turkey in cooperation with Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) and with the funding of Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) it is targeted to include 150 women from Bursa, 100 from İstanbul, 100 from Ankara, and 50 women from Konya in the training programme. It is envisaged to extend grant support to successful trainees. Women as potential entrepreneurs were selected from among those registered with İŞKUR which is the main beneficiary of the project.

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Trainings have been carried out as follows with groups of 25 trainees: 32 hours under the KOSGEB curriculum, plus 8 hours of additional module covering gender equality in working life, sustainability in enterprises, access to funding, and technology and entrepreneurship, making 40 hours in total.

After a contest to be held following training and mentoring programmes, 30 candidate women whose business plans found successful will be awarded microcredit amounting to 2,000 USD.

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