Recently released ILO-supported study examines women’s entrepreneurship trainings from gender perspective in Turkey

Recently released ILO-supported study examines women’s entrepreneurship trainings from gender perspective in Turkey

A new study released by the International Labour Organization (ILO) evaluates the existing new entrepreneurship training services through employing a gender perspective and outlines the entry-points for creating a better practice.
The study was prepared under the project “More and Better Jobs for Women” implemented jointly by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) with funding from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

Penned by Aslı Çoban, the study aimed to reveal the gender perspectives embedded in the design and implementa-tion methodology of existing training, and the possibilities for achieving a more effective and inclusive practice, especially for boosting women’s entrepreneurship.

It includes an overview on general entrepreneurship training in promoting women’s entrepreneurship in Turkey; a field study and evaluation of the existing entrepreneurship training within the context of women’s entrepreneurship; evaluation of the general entrepreneurship training programs and complementary services for post-training process. The study also comes up with some intervention routes at the end.

The field study was conducted in four pilot project provinces of Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul, and Konya where interviews took place.

Interviews were held with the representatives of İŞKUR; Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB) and the prominent implementing organizations like chambers and professional organizations in an aim to figure out how additional services (mentoring, incubation services and others) can be integrated to existing training services. Moreover, women who completed these trainings were also interviewed.

Based on the evaluation of the existing practices including service provision methodology, curricula and training methodology, the study also suggested 10 routes of intervention for improving entrepreneur¬ship training practice for women within the scope of the project.

Entrepreneurship training services are offered by a wide range of institutions and organizations (universities, institutes, civil society organizations, business associations) in Turkey but KOSGEB is the authority responsible for the accreditation of those services.

KOSGEB sets the standards for training program coverage, duration, and certification conditions for trainers, and together with İŞKUR, holds the largest budget allocated for the provision of new entrepreneurship training services. The study hence takes the standard KOSGEB new entrepreneur training program as a basis of evaluation.

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