Brave Women at Work!

Brave Women at Work!

Joyful, inspiring news from some of our women entrepreneurs who participated in the “Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme” under the “More and Better Jobs for Women: Women’s Empowerment through Decent Work in Turkey” project.

Approximately 400 hundred women received entrepreneurship training in 2017 under the Project implemented by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in cooperation with the Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) with funding from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). Women, who received “entrepreneurship” certificates at the conclusion of training, started up their businesses contributing to the economy.

Growing the business is the common objective of those women who are now their own bosses in a multitude of areas ranging from food, textiles to technology in the project provinces Bursa, Konya, Istanbul and Ankara.

Dreams come true; women discover their potential!

The entrepreneur women who had their dreams come true through the project had colourful stories that inspired other women. Here are some…

“Pink Shutter” flaps wings
Ms. Satı İçin of Ankara, who had never worked for pay, opened a place to sell the textile products she made at home. Satı İçin already has more than 2,000 followers at the Facebook account which she manages, and where she promotes and sells her products. She notes that during her business start-up, she benefited a lot from the entrepreneurship training she had under the project.

Children Are Safe at “Wholly Different Workshop”
Ms. Elif Asav of Ankara aims to transform her children’s workshops which she built after pinpointing an important need into a children’s university at first opportunity. Having realised hear dreams through the guidance provided by the training on finances, business administration and business plans under the project, Elif has her heart in her work.


The new concept now in Turkey: “CreativeSalad” fast and healthy

Ms. Gül Gökdağlı of Istanbul brings into Turkey a new chain of taste and a life style through her own brand. She opened a restaurant on the concept “fast and healthy”, her salad variety has already captured significant interest.

A Global Brand Born in Turkey: “Viola-Vesper”
Ms. Özge Yenihayat and her partner Ms. Ece Öney, who blended their knowledge acquired in university, entrepreneurship training and abilities to start up their own business, are now poised to represent Turkey in the international arena through “Viola-Vesper”, a brand of own creation.

To Further Highs with “Mügem Butik”
Ms. Zeyneti Aksakal, who finally, at 42 years of age, put into practice the love for design she has nurtured in her heart for years, is now striving to bring her own drawing designs into life. Aiming to get recognition as a plus size brand and producing in Bursa, Mügem Butik aspires to build a factory within 3 years.

Aims Getting Higher!
Many entrepreneur women who took the steps to change their lives under the project now say they exist in many occupations ranging from ceramics ateliers to home dishes, from design workshops to event organisation services, and mobilize their potential. The common goal for all is business growth.

Women Uniting Their Power!
Women involved in the project either in training or in business start-up have built a strong communication network to support one another.

The project is noteworthy in embracing various sectors and levels of knowledge. Ms. Özlem Kestioğlu Özel who advises the global technology giants on technology transformation, and has started up own business under the project, supports entrepreneur women by her experience.

Aiming at developing a national policy to promote women’s employment, creating decent work opportunities for women through active labour market policies and building awareness on gender equality and labour standards, the project marches on the goal by the brave steps of brave women.

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